Floranid TWIN Permanent 5kg 16-7-15 (+2) in EMMER fertilizers: lawn, plants


Fertilizers for plants and lawn.


Fast- and long-acting nitrogen-rich fertilizer for the lawn. Can also be applied in plant borders.

Whether in spring, summer or fall

Floranid contains the fast-acting ammonium and nitrate, and the long-acting Isodur. This fertilizer is rich in nitrogen.

– Both fast- and long-acting
– Promotes lawn root growth and sod formation
– Works at temperatures as low as 5°C
– The fertilizer breaks down completely in the soil
With extra added trace elements!

Dose: 4kg/are

You may use the perm throughout the year, it is recommended to treat three times a year: in spring, summer and fall. It is best to use 4kg/100m² per treatment. It is recommended to spread before rain is imminent, then the product can be carried into the ground with the rain. Be sure not to sprinkle during hot and dry days as there is a chance that your lawn will get burned. Before you start spreading, you can mow the lawn two to three days in advance. Also, do not sprinkle the fertilizer immediately after mowing because there is also a risk of burning. It’s also better to sprinkle in the evening to minimize the chance of burning. Afterwards, spray profusely (not a little every day).


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